Real-Time Buying Efficiency Analytics Across All Your AWS Products

A software platform for everything about AWS cost efficiency. Simulate your savings for free and enjoy lifetime AI-driven cost savings.

Drill down into instance-level historical pricing & cost analysis across 8 AWS products

Query months of historical ML-driven analytics to automate your dream cloud financial model.

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One-click AI powered reservation recommendations

Say goodbye to crunching spreadsheets and pulling old invoicing/usage reports to figure out how to buy your AWS reservations.

With our new recommendations feature, North will analyze historical spend & usage trends, against your current AWS footprint, and model out exactly what to reserve to maximize your savings.

All while you carry zero contracts or term lock-in.


What does North do?

North is an AWS partner and reseller that automates and manages AWS discounting as a monthly subscription service, allowing customers to experience the ease of group buying, flexible discounts with zero-touch cost optimization. 

Does North change any components of my tech stack?

Nope! Our service simply monitors your AWS usage posture, finds savings & allocates discounts to bring your AWS spend down. 

Does North work with customers whom have EDPs or Enterprise Agreements with AWS or Google Cloud?

Yes, our rate optimization can work with EDPs or ELAs. These contracts typically require no changes to your cloud billing account which is ok with us. Reach out for more details here. 

What does North do that we can't do directly with AWS?

Our SW monitors your environment and takes the manual work out of managing discounting commitments to AWS.

Additionaly, we offer customers an alternative to directly buying their Savings Plans & Reserved Instances from AWS. If you buy your commitments directly with the cloud provider its a use it or lose it model, meaning if you exact usage doesnt match your monthly commitments, you are either overpaying or under covered, which results in wasted spend.

With North, we automate the coverage of your savings reservations to closely match your real usage patterns in your AWS stack. Additionaly you are able to enjoy the discounting of a 3 year commitment without the actual contract lock in.  

What if I have current savings plans or reserved instances in my AWS account?

That's OK. North's service spots and models out any additional savings you can achieve. If you prefer our service, you can replace aging Savings Plans and RIs with our Flex SPs and Flex RIs. Our app will understrand the context of your existing savings plans or RIs and only suggest additional coverage that works in conjunction with what you already have in place.

Have any questions?

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