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The public cloud is home to $200b of annual technology spend. Although its one of the most complex licensing ecosystems ever made, over 95% of this spend is done with a credit card and a spreadsheet.

The AI boom will turbocharge this category over $1T by 2030.

If you're reading this, and managing your cloud finances with a zero action dashboard, or spreadsheet: don't you deserve better? We think you do. That's why we made North.

Meet the team

Matt Biringer

Co-Founder & CEO

After spending 12 years selling tech in the New York market, Matt founded North to help customers solve the cloud overspend problem he saw firsthand.

Prior to North, Matt served various positions at Pure Storage Inc (Nasdaq PSTG) & CDI LLC before launching North.

Yassine Açoine

Co-Founder & CTO

Yassine spent 5 years leading teams and building cloud and ML products where he experienced firsthand the cloud FinOps complexities before co-founding North.

Prior to North, Yassine worked in various lead positions at Siemens & Hitachi Vantara.

Oğulcan Bozkurt

Lead Front End Engineer

Ogulcan spent over 4 years crafting his expertise, now running the front-end engineering for North where his user-centric approach consistently drives the company to new heights.

Prior to North, Ogulcan developed multiple apps in the Web3 space.

Mike Paintner


After 9 years leading business development teams and selling tech in the New York market, Mike is excited to join North, where he looks forward to leveraging his expertise to address cloud overspending challenges firsthand.

Prior to North, Mike worked at 1Huddle & Retarus.

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